03. Scones

03. Scones

Now this blog was not started to be a cooking or baking blog, but because I’ve had time this weekend to be able to bake, I want to share these recipes (see my previous post for the other recipe!). Today was a perfect day for baking – due to it being a rainy day.

Scones are probably my favorite breakfast baked good along with muffins. Best of all, scones are surprisingly easy to make (not that muffins are not easy to make)! Now, I can’t remember where I found the main recipe for them, but this is the one I use.

The recipe I’m sharing is for Blackberry Vanilla Scones. I typically come up with flavors based on the things I like or whatever sounds good. At the bottom are a few other kinds scones I’ve concocted.

So let’s get down to it.

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