01. First Post Ever


For quite some time I’ve been wanting to reconnect to my creative side. I decided blogging was something that would allow me to express myself, share my story, and my adventures. And I mean, why the heck not?

As an aspiring Interior Designer (I say aspiring due to the fact that I am looking into pursuing and obtaining my professional license) one would think “Why would you need blogging to be another creative outlet? Isn’t creativity your job?” The answer to that is yes and no. My work consists mostly of corporate and laboratory design (sounds cool right?). Both are pretty limited when it comes to creativity. There are set standards and criteria that go into creating those spaces.

But who says we can’t bend the rules a little?

The other part of me wanted to start a blog to share.  I recently left my second job (where I met my boyfriend of almost 3 years now!) because I was feeling burnt out. I needed something else and working one day a week on top of working a full time job wasn’t fulfilling anymore. So I left. Now that I’ve had some time to think about what I wanted, blogging was the first thing that came to mind. I will admit, I had my hesitations, what would I say? Do I even have anything interesting to share?

I decided to just go for it. Share what I’m cooking (something I’ve recently taking a liking to) baking, what inspires me, or what kind of things I’m up to. So here we are! Hello again and welcome! A place for creativity, sharing and everything in-between.