16. Mini Dining Room Refresh

As much as I wish that photo was our dining room it isn’t. But, today I’m sharing the dining room in our apartment. This little project was totally unplanned. It came about a few weeks ago during a brunch Pete and I hosted.

I was talking to one of my closest friends about what I was planning for our living room.  I told her we were planning on heading over to IKEA later that day to take a look at a few items including shelving. Our living room has one very long wall and I was feeling it needed a little more, I still feel this way. Hopefully that will come in another post. She had told me she had a few shelves she had purchased from IKEA a while back that were still sitting in boxes at her house and offered them to us.

I thanked her and told her I would let her know, we were planning on checking out the shelves I had my eye on first.  Well wouldn’t you know, IKEA was closed that day due to the power being knocked out because of a snowstorm a few days before? We ran a few errands and I was a little discouraged because when were we going to find the time to get back to IKEA? I called up my friend and asked her if her offer was still good on the shelves. It was, so we swung by, picked them up, and headed home.

When we got home, we quickly realized the shelves were not going to work for my living room idea. Eventually, Pete and I both thought – what if we put them in the dining room? In our dining room we had a little corner unit that I was pretty fond of but Pete hated. We tossed this idea around over dinner and decided we should sleep on it. I don’t think he was totally sold at first, but the next morning I woke up and had a revelation that we needed to do this.

Before: This is the dining room prior to Pete and I moving in together and the only before photo I have.
Before: The corner unit’s last night in that spot!

That night, I posted a few photos of the corner unit on Instagram and put it up for grabs. Pete’s advice was to put it out by the dumpster but I didn’t have the heart to do it since it was in such good condition. While we waited to see if anyone was interested, we cleared it off and moved it out of the corner.

After: Shelves up, sunlight in, new colors!
After: Light and bright.

Allowing things to happen unplanned has been worth it. It always ends up being a new approach or new look on things and it definitely gives my designer heart something to be excited about.

*Note: We are allowed to paint the walls in the apartment but I chose not to because I can add color throughout the apartment in other ways, I can’t decide on a color, and I don’t want to have to paint it back to white when we move out.

Where did things come from:

  • Shelves – IKEA
  • Mirror – HomeGoods
  • Ponte Vecchio Canvas – icanvas.com
    • Pete got that for me as a gift this past Christmas
  • Mule mugs – Target
  • Place mats – Target
  • Mini wreath – I made this similar to the large one but a smaller ring.

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