15. DIY – Spring Wreath

It’s finally March – which means we are that much closer to warmer weather and everything winter goes away until next year. That also means new spring decor! This year, I made a promise to myself to keep with a budget every month and to become more of the ‘do it yourself’ type to also try to save money. I’ve only started out small but wanted to share my little project!

Towards the end of February I finally accepted I should take my Christmas wreath down, but my problem was I didn’t want to buy a wreath for the spring – I had a hard enough time deciding on one back in the fall. After a little Pinterest inspiration, I decided to make my own – knowing I wanted something simple and pretty. That search led me to the wire wreaths.

This wreath was fairly simple to create. It does take a little time to make sure the stems/flowers are wrapped in place.

What I used:

  • 19″ floral hoop 
  • Thin gauge floral wire
  • String or a wreath hanger
    • I have a wreath hanger but don’t love how it looks which is why I used string.
  • Artificial floral stems
    • I say artificial because I didn’t want to have to worry about maintaining the wreath in terms of real flowers, plus our alcove of our apartment doesn’t get a whole lot of sun.
  • Wire cutters
    • For the floral stems. They are super hard to cut with regular scissors, especially if the scissors are not sharp.  *Regular scissors will cut through the thing gauge wire.
A piece of thin gauge wire.
Starting to wrap it around the stem.
Wrap around the top and bottom of stem. I wrapped in the middle when it needed a little extra support while layering.
Almost complete! This is where I started adding the white flowers.
A close up of how it looks against our front door.


Full picture of how it looks against our front door. One big take away from doing this little project was not realizing the weight of the stems and wire. Our wreath looks centered here because the hoop is leaning against the door, otherwise it looks lopsided because one side is heavier than the other. Something to keep in mind!

Happy (almost) Spring and creating new things!

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