12. Bedroom Bliss

With time off over the holidays and several episodes of Fixer Upper later, I decided to take a fresh look at our bedroom. Up until that point our bedroom reflected me. Now I say that because I lived here a year before living here with Peter. I decided that with the other changes I wanted to make this year, our bedroom was one of them. I wanted to create a feeling of bliss, simplicity, and love. I challenged my self to do this on a small budget and use what was already in the room – with a few small add ons.


Started the process of moving things around.
Walls needed a little patching because I’m the worst at hanging things.
Some laundry and a bare corner with pictures of myself and friends.
Calendar, junk mail, and stacks of pillows.
Probably should have made the bed before this was taken. Super messy night stand/dresser.
My jewelry hanging on the wall, messy dresser and random items in the closet.
Messy bookshelves.

It was messy and sort of gave off the feel of a storage room. It was creating the exact opposite of everything I wanted it to. Creating overwhelm and stress (at least for me).


Cleaned the shelves up a bit and hung up some art. One is from our trip to Puerto Rico last year – a photo Pete took actually and the other one is from HomeGoods.
Laundry gone and natural light pouring in. Filled in that corner with some (fake) greenery.
Cleaned up the night stand, relocated the calendar, pillows, and junk mail. Relocated the painting a friend of mine did that was over the bed.
A simple reminder for each day and an accent pillow to add a pop of color.
Relocated my jewelry and added photos of Peter and I. Relocated wood clip board which is now starting to fill with notes we’ve left each other/adventures we’ve been on.

A few tips from this process. I love an all white space. It’s like a clean slate every time and easy to change at any given moment. The bedroom already had neutral tones – white walls, grey bedding, grey accent rug which made it easier to add pops of color with the canvass’ and pillow. Artificial plants – they helped to add texture in the space, height, simplicity, and color. When the space is already neutral adding artificial/real plants help to bring life to the space. Wood tones – there is a wood border around the image over our bed and the clip board is also wood. Wood tones are another design feature that help to warm up a space, look great, and are super versatile.

Where did things come from?

  • Puerto Rico canvas I created on canvasondemand.com.
    • They always have the greatest sales, check them out and create something!
  • Blue flower canvas came from HomeGoods.
  • Artificial plants came from AC Moore.
  • Square colored canvas – a friend of mine painted that, check her out on Instagram.
  • “Choose Happiness” board came from Kirklands.
  • The floating shelf came from Target.
  • Picture frames also came from HomeGoods.
  • Wood clipboard was a HomeGoods find.
  • For our photos I used Shutterfly.

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