09. Saying Yes

Hi guys!

I just wanted to pop in to share something I’ve been thinking about. In the midst of what feels like a pretty overwhelming time – between preparing for Pete to move in and weddings, I’ve realized the importance of saying yes to all things spontaneous.

A month or so ago, one of my girlfriends from work (what you could call my “work bestie”) wanted to go to the beach. Now, we joke on a regular basis that we’re just going to leave at lunch and escape to the beach (we’ve never done that).

One Saturday night, she sent me text and asked if I wanted to go to the beach with her for the day that Sunday. Usually, I would say no and make up some kind of excuse. But with a little convincing, I said yes. I’m so glad I did. We met up and headed to the beach for a day filled with laughing, food and most important of all – ice cream. The best part was strolling through the neighborhood we parked in, eating our ice cream and looking at all the beautiful homes. We bantered back and forth about which ones we liked and why, what we would change and which ones we just couldn’t bring ourselves to love. Saying yes to that adventure and getting away from everyday routine is something I don’t regret.

Last weekend, Pete took the day off from work for a soccer game we had on Saturday night. Which left us all of Saturday to do whatever we wanted. Friday night, while we sat outside relaxing, he looks over at me and says “Let’s go to breakfast in the morning.” I agreed (breakfast dates are the best kinds of dates). So Saturday morning came and we headed to our favorite breakfast spot (not sure how local all my readers are but we went to Turning Point). We ate and chatted about what we would spend the rest of our day doing. It was a back and forth between sitting by the pool and a winery. We ended up choosing the winery because we had talked about going for quite some time. We went in, hung out for a tasting of what seemed like all the wines (which is not a bad thing) and decided to buy a bottle of one of the ones we liked and sit outside. We agreed to sit out there for a glass and then head home. Turns out though, we were enjoying ourselves and stayed longer. We talked about work, the future and anything that came to mind.

Looking back, I can’t help but think that, these are the moments that a person remembers. The quality time with someone and the laughs you share in the spontaneous moments are nothing short of probably some of the best memories.


Just my little tid bit of insight.

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