07. Goals

*Quick shout out to my 5 new followers (totaling 6 now) thank you so much!*

While we’re on the topic of good habits and inspiration, let’s throw goals in there. I want to share my biggest goal right now. A conversation came up at work with one of my co-workers who asked me what my goals were. My first instinct was “I don’t know, losing 20 pounds” but then I took a second and thought about it. I told her that in terms of work and my career (which turns out, was the context in which she was asking), I’d like to get my professional license (she is also in pursuit of hers) and be knowledgeable in field of interior design.

Now, I knew that taking this on was going to be a big feat and that I’m going to have to work really hard to reach this goal. But that’s okay. I’m willing, nervous and a bit excited to take this goal head on. Getting my professional license is going to take a lot of time and dedication. I will have to take a test that comes in 3 parts and is offered 2 times a year (talk about strict). My plan is to take the first part of the test in the Spring of 2018 and the second/third part in the Fall of 2018 and hopefully be done (fingers crossed, thankfully we have some time here).

I’ve started trying to gather things to help with studying. Doing a little research here and there, applying what I’ve researched in real life (i.e at work). Because let’s face it, school only teaches you so much. It’s the real world that’s the most important textbook of all. Getting my license is important to me, because I want to help shape the way design is considered. Ilse Crawford (one of my favorite Interior Designers and inspiration next to Mies Van der Rohe) said it perfectly:

Design can be a powerful force. I have never understood why interior design is often so underestimated, misunderstood and trivialised. It is too often dismissed as something superficial, without intrinsic value. An ‘add-on’. It’s a mistake that it is considered a luxury to be applied if there is money left at the end, rather than an integral part of making and shaping new realities from the outset.

Talk about speaking to the soul. Ilse also designs around the human experience which is another reason she’s so influential to me. More about her at a later date. So that’s just a quick view of my most important goal. I’m sure I’ll have progress posts along the way (or distraction posts…).

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