06. Wednesday Inspiration

Just popping in really quick to share a few things I’m thankful for and inspired by recently.

First things first, I got my first follower! I’m so excited to see that someone else wants to read what I have to say – even if it is just rambling sometimes. So thank you so much for the follow – you’ve inspired me to keep going! A close girlfriend of mine recently reached out and told me she found my blog and we had talked about how she was super excited and loved reading it. She’s also even thought about starting her own! So those are a few things that have got me really excited and inspired.

I’m super busy at work (which is always good). I’ve recently been – like I said in the previous post, wanting to start getting some good habits in place, so that’s something I’m also working on. Project Me? Yeah that’s what we’ll call it. I also just bought Sophia Amoruso’s book #GIRLBOSS and have started reading that – awesome so far. I also find her truly inspiring and motivating. I posted a link to her book in my last post.

For right now I think that’s it. Just working on Project Me (which I’d also like to think I’m on my own version of the GIRLBOSS track) and staying positively inspired. Happy hump day! We’re almost to Friday! And today is the first day of summer.

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