05. Habits

It’s June. I don’t know that I’m one to set huge goals for myself at the beginning of the year but if I do, I don’t write them down (ugh the worst). But who says that I can’t start setting a few goals right now…just short of 6 months later….

Blogging has been something I wanted to be consistent with. I’m slowly but surely finding that I need to put time and work into it. Which is a good thing. There are also a few other things I’d like to be consistent with  and put time and work into. I’ll share a few.


Typically on any given day, I wake up around 6:30, have coffee in bed, and start getting ready for work. For a while, I was waking up at 5:30 to have an hour to myself before all the stresses of the day hit. That slowly changed, as I would hit snooze over and over. Eventually, I started feeling pretty stressed out and was rushing to work.

This is going to be my declaration of waking up earlier again to have 30-45 minutes to myself before leaving the house. I plan to use this time to think about what I need to do for the day, maybe come up with a blog post, or even use it as a small window to help study for my professional license. Regardless, I plan to use this time to help with productivity.


Honestly, I thought that after college I would be this productive member of society. When in reality…I can easily get overwhelmed by my own thoughts and the things I need to do and hide under the covers.  Recently I’ve been trying to get a handle on this. I have a “weekly to do list” pad and I try to fill that out on Sunday to get everything I want to accomplish that week on the paper. Accomplishing those things is another story. I usually end up forgetting about them

It’s time to start getting serious about it (To-Do : Follow through on my to-do list!).


Exercise, woof. I used to be a runner in high-school and then ended up with a stress fracture in my right shin. Soon after that, college happened and well let me tell ya, the “Freshman 15” that’s a real thing. So I ended up back in the gym and lost the 15 pounds plus a little more. After that running here and there was helpful, but eventually I slowly but surely stopped doing it. No good.

Fast forward, here we are today and running is something I am trying to get back into. And it sucks. It’s definitely easier when you have someone do it with you (in a previous post I’ve mentioned that Pete and I are running together) but sometimes it’s not. Because when he’s not feeling the run, I’m not feeling the run. It’s now time to run away from that habit and look at the exercise as a long-term investment and continuously work on it.


This is something I absolutely never believed in. Or even believed that I could do because I don’t have the attention span. Recently though, I got to a point where I couldn’t sleep and I was constantly stressed out and felt that I couldn’t physically relax. So I downloaded a meditation app called Calm. They provide a 10 minute a day practice – which was perfect because at the end of the 10 minutes, I always wish it went longer! This is one where you will eventually need to pay for a subscription – right now I’m just trying the free part of it.

I try doing this right before bed, which usually is prime time to start thinking about all the things that haven’t happened yet. Every single time without fail, this practice has helped me relax, fall right to sleep, and sleep through the night. Hopefully, once I get into a system of doing this for 10 minutes a day, I’ll be able to practice meditation without the app.


This is something I struggle with. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. But I will share a few of my tips on how I’ve at least started to save money.

Coupons – I try to cut coupons before going grocery shopping or even clothes shopping. A lot of grocery stores now have apps that link to their member cards where you can easily add coupons on the app and just have them scan your store card at check out (super fun to watch your total drop at the end). Trust me, even Target has an app to help you save.

Shop the sales – seriously, aim to shop them before just settling.

Track your spending – see where all your money is going to find the areas that you can cut back on. I have a notebook from PlumPaper that has a budget tracker add on that I use!

Spend mindfully – Make sure what you’re buying will serve a purpose. I will fully admit though, I’ve been known to splurge a little more than I should – when this happens don’t feel bad, we’re human beings. Just make sure it’s not a regular occurrence! Not everything shopping trip can be used as a splurge! The Minimalists have a great view on this and have made me change the way I think about buying things. Definitely check them out, they’re awesome.


This I do know was one of my New Years Resolutions that slowly fizzled out. I just ordered Sophia Amoruso’s book #GIRLBOSS. I watched the Netflix series based on her story and her website is easily one of my favorites. I’ve heard her book is great and had to see for myself (will keep you posted). So what better way than to kick my butt back into reading than to start with that?


What are the habits you want to get serious about?

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