04. Plants

“Biophilia describes the inate relationship between humans and nature, and concerns the need we have to be continually connected to nature.”  – Human Spaces

I was first introduced to the topic of Biophilia at a work event. I quickly began to realize how much I could relate to this, I always feel better when I am outside than inside. Who would have thought there was a term for it? The work event was talking about bringing nature into the work place to help increase well-being, productivity, and creativity.

But in this case, I’m bringing the biophilia into my home. To help boost these qualities from the time I go to bed to the time I wake up. Plus, plants add the prettiest pop of color.

Last year, I was going through a rough time and Pete decided to surprise me. He went to Home Depot and picked out one of the prettiest flowers I had ever seen. He had gotten me a bromeliad. I asked why he chose that one and he simply said “It’s pretty and I want you to be happy – also it’s low maintenance so you don’t have to worry about it.” Low and behold that was true, that flower kept it together for almost a year. I just got rid of it yesterday and replaced it with this beautiful yellow one (I also bought a little baby size one as well). Both are in my bedroom – I spend a good amount of time here because this room gets the most natural light.

Plants are probably one of the best things that can be added into the home. They add gorgeous color and have some pretty interesting health benefits as well. Such as improving the air quality, creating low stress levels, improving energy, and several others. A few low maintenance plants to start with are orchids, bromeliads, and succulents (which are always so cute). After a little research on my plant I found out that I had already seen one before. It’s part of the pineapple family!

Don’t be afraid to bring the nature in.


Here is a link I found that could serve as a starting point for choosing the best one!

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